HP Business Service Management (BSM)

HP Business Service Management (BSM)

The HP Business Service Management (BSM) portfolio provides a set of integrated, management-layer solutions, each employing a different combination of HP products and applications. The BSM portfolio enables the integration of application, system, network, and business transaction monitoring, helping you to manage application performance and address issues before they impact customers; and connecting dynamic cloud and virtualized services to underlying infrastructure, to provide better visibility into services.

The BSM portfolio enables effective problem-solving by the various IT teams and personas in your organization, and across the different systems, network tiers, and software layers in your IT architecture.

The BSM portfolio includes the following solutions:

  • Service and Operations Bridge
  • Application Performance Management
  • Network Management"
  • System Management"


Overview of the BSM 9.20 Solution

HP Business Service Management (BSM) 9.20 provides a suite of monitoring products that offer a comprehensive methodology for monitoring and measuring IT services from a business perspective. BSM tools enable you to identify problems, understand their business impact, and prioritize the triage and remediation process. BSM thus enables your IT organization to optimize the performance and availability of applications in production, and proactively resolve problems whenthey arise, thus assisting your organization to deliver more effective business results with lower IT costs.

BSM contains an integrated set of applications for real-time performance and availability monitoring, providing capabilities that include Service Level Management, End User Management, System Availability Management, event handling, early-warning events, and custom reporting and alerting. These applications combine top-down, user experience management with bottom-up insight into infrastructure events and performance, by linking infrastructure to business processes, transactions, and the end-user experience. BSM is based on a common foundation of shared workflow, administration and reporting services, shared assets, and expertise.

This unified top-down and bottom-up methodology enables BSM to provide consolidated and automated service operations management for your business, reducing MTTR and helping you to more effectively honor your SLAs.

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