HP End User Management (EUM)

HP End User Management (EUM)

EUM is a centralized solution for configuring and managing the applications and associated entities you want monitored by the end-user data collectors—Business Process Monitor (BPM) and Real User Monitor (RUM).

HP End User Management software key features:

  • Prioritize IT response based on customer and business impact
  • Identify application performance and availability issues proactively before they impact the customer
  • Gain visibility into real user behavior patterns
  • Monitor the end-user experience of business applications, including those deployed to virtual and cloud environments
  • Increase collaboration between the various IT roles by using consolidated and personalized application-based views
  • “Drill down” into HP infrastructure monitoring, application diagnostics, and transaction tracing capabilities to resolve problems more quickly
  • Measure application performance and availability from outside your company’s firewall and from multiple locations using HP Business Availability Center Anywhere SaaS offering


HP Business Process Monitor (BPM)

HP Business Process Monitor software lets your staff use synthetic transactions—from multiple locations inside or outside your firewall—to identify availability and performance issues before they affect customers. This lets you capture accurate, consistent, and repeatable performance and availability metrics to create a system baseline. Using this baseline, HP Business Process Monitor software identifies key variations and trends that let you plan capacity effectively and quantify the value of IT investments or changes.

HP Real User Monitor (RUM)

HP Real User Monitor software lets you measure the true experience of your internal or external users. You can then gauge the business impact of performance issues and outages, and isolate user trends in detail. Using the software installed on a network probe, HP Real User Monitor software listens to every request and response sent over TCP/IP. It organizes the data by session for further analysis and increases collaboration between the monitoring and development teams. The software shows each navigation path and tracks the number of users. This usage information can improve capacity planning accuracy, and create quality and performance testing scenarios.

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