HP Operation Orchestration (OO)

HP Operation Orchestration (OO)

HP Operations Orchestration (HP OO) is a system for creating and using actions in structured sequences (called Ops flows or flows) that maintain, troubleshoot, repair, and provision your Information Technology (IT) resources by:

  • Checking the health of, diagnosing, and repairing networks, servers, services, software applications, or individual workstations.
  • Checking client, server, and virtual machines for needed software and updates and, if needed, performing the needed installations, updates, or distributions.
  • Performing repetitive tasks such as checking status on internal or external Web site pages.

The two main components of HP OO are Central and Studio.

HP OO Central

HP OO Central is a Web-based interface in which users can

  • Run flows
  • Administer the system
  • Extract and analyze data resulting from the flow runs

HP OO Studio

HP OO Studio is a standalone authoring program in which flow authors can

  • Create, modify, and test flows, including flows that run automatically, as scheduled.
  • Create new operations.
  • Specify which levels of users are allowed to run various parts of flows.


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