HP Service Health Analyzer (SHA)

HP Service Health Analyzer (SHA)

Service Health Analyzer (SHA) enables you to be more proactive in managing your data center's physical and logical infrastructure, helping you to prevent or reduce downtime. It usesa self-learning algorithm to analyze historical and current data, and if certain criteria are met, reports on the current state of abnormal IT services and their topology location. Abnormal behavior is determined by comparing CI metrics against dynamic baseline thresholds.

SHA uses a run-time analytics engine that can anticipate IT problems before they occur, by analyzing abnormal service behavior and alerting IT managers of real service degradation before an issue impacts their business.

SHA enables you to investigate an anomaly using information from the RTSM, displaying affected IT components in their associated topologies. This assists in the remediation of SHA events. It also enables you to compare and correlate metrics in an anomaly using several algorithm types, to investigate whether abnormal metric behavior is connected.

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