HP Configuration Manager

HP Configuration Manager

UCMDB-Configuration Manager (UCMDB-CM) provides policy-based topology and inventory configuration analysis and governance. UCMDB-CM is an instant-on module that is part of the UCMDB product delivered with UCMDB 9.10. The UCMDB-CM is automatically entitled to existing and new UCMDB owners. Its slick User Interface allows UCMDB users to do powerful analysis with the rich CI data and its topology provided by the market leading Discovery & Dependency Mapping and UCMDB integrations.

UCMDB-CM enables configuration managers to easily set up topology or inventory-based configuration policies and automatically determine where they are out of compliance. This allows IT teams to take corrective actions with HP’s automation tools: Operations Orchestration (OO) & Business Service Automation (BSA). UCMDB is able to pull in configuration data from BSA (out-of-the box future integration) and other existing key configuration sources to provide the most up to date comprehensive view of what is under configuration control in the IT environment. UCMDB-CM is focused on topology and inventory configuration analysis and governance where BSA is focused on deep & powerful element configuration management. Lastly, UCMDB-CM also allows teams to easily manage states of their groups / topologies, “authorized” & “actual” that will be embedded into Service Manager, providing enhanced configuration control at the CI group level and a more granular ability to detect and remediate unplanned changes.

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