HP uCMDB Browser

HP uCMDB Browser

The UCMDB browser allows easy access to data for non administration users and is now bundled within the UCMDB and Configuration Manager. Other than allowing powerful search for configuration items and services, to view their properties and related configuration items, the browser now contains many new widgets including: security widget (Integration with EV), automation widget (Integration with OO), defects widgets (Integration with ALM), incidents and change requests widget (integration with SM), monitoring widget (integration with BSM), policies widget (integration with Configuration Manager) and more, allowing comprehensive view of any service and configuration item. The browser also allows updating data on specific and configurable CIs and attributes

With the powerful search engine bundled in the UCMDB, users can search and find configuration items using intuitive natural language queries. The search works on internal and federated data and can span from one configuration item to a complex topology of related configuration items giving users a simple way to search and understand the data within their IT organization. The search results are presented in the UCMDB Browser, thus giving a rich and comprehensive view for the results.

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